Friday, April 20, 2007

led lud

Our band chose a name the other day after much deliberation and beer. The contenders: Moop, The Bedwetters, The Switchblades, The Wahweewahs, The Simplistic Assassins (We can kill any easy song), Commando, The Hairballs, Pus, The Infected Scabs, One Shot, Tequilla We Shot Her, The Cocksucking Motherfuckers, The Mercy Buckets, The LMNOPs, Los Pendejos, Pubic Zirconium, 3 Men and a Lady, Chiquita Banana and her 3 Amigos (the singer is a Bolivian/Korean/Canadian, yellow on the outside, white on the inside), E.T. (English Teachers), The Stone Cold Killaz, Fugly (I know, there is already a band named The Fugs), Dogmeat, DooWapBipimbap (there is a rice vegetable egg dish called Bipimbap), and my personal favorite Wood. But the grand prize winner: Sonica Salt and her Crackers (=Sonic Assault + 3 honkeys). Recognize.



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