Monday, September 17, 2007

You owe me 50 bucks Don

Going into Monday night football it was a three way tie in our weekly football pool. It was going to come down to points as we all had the Eagles. The two other guys had 37 total points and I was good for 41. So, 39 was the magic number. 4th quarter the Eagles trail 20-12 with time running down. If they score a touchdown they have to go for two which makes it a win or lose proposition in terms of our bet. A couple of nice passes and catches gets the Eagles to the Washington 12. Donovan misses a wide open receiver around the 2 which would have at least given them a first down. A couple other bungles and we get 4th down. The receiver catches the pass, but the defender puts a well-placed helmet on the ball which sends the ball, the Eagles hope, and my 50 bucks spiraling away onto the turf...



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