Friday, August 08, 2008

Mayorin' ain't easy

It used to be as a mayor, you hand out a few keys, shake some hands, and cut some ribbons. These days it's about going to jail and having your dogs blown away while you're in your boxers. Over in De-twat Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is looking at 11 felony counts and spent the night in jail for violating bond. He is Mayor, not former-Mayor (for now at least). Allegedly this dapper dandy was caught tricking around with some city employees and then lied about it. Too bad the man's got some text message records showing some very un-governmental messages. When are these fools gonna realize, "DON'T SEND TEXT MESSAGES"?
In Maryland, Mayor Cheye Chelvo got a rude awakening as the po-po stormed his house when he took in a big package of weed that was delivered. Apparently some guys had a scam of delivering bud to people's houses then scooping up the package left on the front step. I wonder if people would have believed him if he wasn't mayor, "I didn't know it was a big box of mary-jane sitting in the front hallway." Anyone know the address of the U.S. Drug Czar?



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taint easy gettin greazy.

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