Thursday, December 22, 2005

Gettin around

What's up my peepz. I must say one of the truly enjoyable aspects of my new living situation- Seoul, Korea, is the proximity of my apartment and job. It is only a five minute walk. I can leave the house 5 minutes before showtime. I can come home on breaks. I don't have to drive. Believe me, after driving or taking the public transit 45 minutes each way back in the Bay, this is a perk I can stand behind. Don't get me wrong, I got no beef with walking around or exploring, but that regimented daily grind behind a trail of douchebags puttin along the highway because some fuckblister in front slammed on his brakes just ain't my idea of gettin out and about. I look to the wise uncle Walt Whitman who praised the walk for walk's sake and I can walk the hell out of some treads just amblin' about. In fact, a project I worked at Arcosanti,, is attempting to put some action to this idea by creating a prototype city that brings together live and work spaces in 3-dimensional space. One of the ideas of this concept is that a lot of public areas that will not be in constant use will be communal such as recreation and event areas. Now, I'm all for getting together and starting a love train, but this weirdo likes his own space to roam a bit and probably others would like him to also. Which brings us to the proposition that they just ain't makin that much real estate these days. So, what to do but cut down on the numbers encroaching on said turf. There are some theories floating around that 1. mankind's genetic make-up has a built in population regulator, I can jibe with a natural equalizing tendency in organisims but think some effort must be involved- intent being primary force in any operation; 2. that the government is plotting a mass population reduction- I just can't believe that people are this smart; 3. proponents of voluntary population reduction- if you buy this you probably aren't reading this right now; and various other ideas to make less than 1 new one for every current homo sapien. I think the best way is just not to have any more dirty stinky rugrats. Why do you need to pass on your "genes" anyway? Get a dog. Save your money. We can all drive SUV's then.

Unrelated note- Check this webslinger out- . Who hasn't wanted to do this? (The dick between the two nuts.)


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