Monday, November 13, 2006

695 meters (whatever that means)

-From the mountain behind my house. All this is mine. The spaceship on the right will one day take all the true believers to galaxy 309 where we will sip cactus juice and read Cracked magazine all day.
-We did it!

-I have been getting mightily pissed at technology lately. Why everything got to be so complicated? My MP3 is only getting tunes out of the right ear piece. This after I sent the earphones in thinking it was their problem. I took it apart to fix it and of course I can't, but then I can't even get the cocksucker closed. I dumped a bunch of glue on it that will keep it sealed tighter than Fort Knox. My bike gets a flat and then they got all these European valve tubes that took me 3 trips til the dude showed me how to get air in it. My camera kept asking me if I want to format it. No fucker, if I wanted to format you I would hit the "Format the little smart ass camera button" fuckface. I've sworn off all technology, and I'm writing this on a rock.
-Good card game the other night. Came down to me an another dude. Back and forth, back and forth. Then I draw a 10, J, K,A. A couple turns and nothing. Homey's been betting hard. Then that last flop comes and Q! The other guy goes all in. I see that and drink for free for the night.


Blogger J.M. said...

The V-pose of the guy in the blue and orange sweater is reminiscent on Truman's "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN"-pose.

8:42 PM  

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