Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nazi Scum's actually a Buddhist flag.
Saw the Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. Good flick. Couple beefs. Why can't they seem to hold the camera still? It looks like they got someone who just got his first camera having an epileptic seizure while filming. I understand they're going for a "gritty" "realistic" look, but I think it's "vomit-inducing". Come on, haven't we got over this since they started it on NYPD Blue back in the redhaired guy's day. (He sure showed them) Beef #2 and again this is related to giving it that edgy feel is the lack of sound. I'm not saying there needs to be epic diatribe especially in an action movie, but there are some parts in that movie (chase scenes) where there is no dialogue, no music, no background effects for like 20 minutes, maybe the sound of the people breathing or their footsteps. Throw in some dramatic music, a few quips from a smart-ass sidekick, a Bourne tagline- "Here we go again", something to elevate the medium beyond the silent-movie era. Also, since when did zipping the camera between two people and focusing on their confused emotional faces substitute for a conversation. When Bourne first encounters the chick their is no talking, just two pained expressions that are zoomed in on back and forth. It basically amounted to "Can you help me?" "Well, I saw you in the first movie, so sure." We're talking about a movie where the guy survives explosions, 10 story falls out of buildings, hired assassins, and car crashes all because he got some special training. I'm not concerned with how palpable the tension is between the girl and Bourne. But, it was entertaining.



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