Sunday, December 02, 2007


Dude, yesterday at work was so awesome. Tomiaki and me started the party with a long lunch at Hooters. We got a pitcher of Hooters beer and did Fuzzy Nipple (huh-huh) shots. Tomiaki asked the waitress if that was "all there was on the menu". Before the day ended at around 4:30 I snuck over to Tomiaki's cubicle and we did some shots of Hot Damn! under his desk. That shit's totally cool because it just smells like some good mouthwash. Smooth for the ladies. We totally cut out of work at like 4:55 instead of 5:00. Suckers! It was Friday so you know we were headed out to TGIF's. Wooo! We did some shots of Sex on the Beach there to go with our wings and potato skins. Let's just say our waitress there, if we were ever on a beach together, might be up for a little, you know. Tomiaki you smooth mother. After that the Reagle Beagle for some more beers. We played this drinking game where everyone has a role and you have to count numbers and say "Bullshit" if the President says 1 and it really should be 2. After that we hit the karaoke bar for some sake. Tomi dedicated his song to all the hot bitches out there and totally sung it sloppy and all passionate. It was time to call it a night. I walked with Tomi to the subway and got him on it. Let's do it again manana, bro!



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