Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top 10 Psychology Things of Note

In honor of my upcoming Psychology GRE being all-consuming and me not really having anything else to talk about, cyberdiarrhea would like to present its Top Ten Psychology Things of Note:
10-9: Stanford Prison Experiment and Milgram's Shock Experiment: Two classics in obedience, these experiments wouldn't fly today which means they are really interesting. Many people have heard about these experiments, but if you get the chance watch the videos (Discovering Psychology video series) . It shows some students really adapting the expressions of real guards ("I see we're going to have to do a little something about your attitude. Drop and give me 20") and prisoners. No one told them they had to act like prisoners. The video of the shock experiments where a subject is ordered to give another person increasing levels of shocks up to 450 volts shows the confederate subject yelling at 300 volts and finally not making any noise for the last 50 volts (passed out, dead?)
8-Poor people think a quarter looks bigger
7-Two identical twins separated at birth were tracked down. They had the same dog's name and same wife's name and had similar jobs.
6-Little Albert-Many people heard about the baby that was made to freak out at the sight of a white rat (a loud noise was banged nearby), however whatever became of this kid? Is he lurking around paralyzed by the sight of amulances going by? Scared away from wedding gown stores? No one knows.
5- Let's say you have four cards represented by the following characters: R B 7 8. The cards have a color R=red B=blue on the front and a number, odd or even, on the back. How many cards would you have to turn over to confirm whether or not all even cards are red?
Anwer: 2- turn over the 8 to make sure it's red and the part few people get: turn over the Black to make sure it's not even.
4-Large mirrors make people especially self-aware because we are only used to seeing ourselves in small mirrors usually
3- The stress level of first time parachuters increases continuously up to the jump. The stress level of experienced parachuters increases up to until the morning of the jump and then increases again right before landing.
2- Experiment volunteers were told a person- Amy Chin from Harvard, scored certain scores on her GRE test- math and verbal. Later the subjects were asked to email this person and try to remember her scores. The subjects differed on the email addresses they were given. Some subjects got student@harvard.edu. These subjects remembered the scores most accurately. Some subjects were given the email amyc@harvard.edu, which emphasized that she was a girl. These subjects reported the verbal scores as being higher- because girls are traditionally better verbally. Some students got the email chin@harvard.edu, which emphasized that it was an Asian name. These subjects reported the math scores as being higher because Asians are better at math. The subjects all were shown the same scores and full student information initially, however their ability to recall the scores correctly was influenced by what recall cues they were shown.
1.The human eye can see a candle flame on a clear night from 30 miles away.
Ladies and gentleman that's all. Good night!



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