Friday, September 28, 2007

Ethnographic Study #15698

Deep in the jungle of the Amazon, the reclusive Algonquin tribe has managed to avoid all outside contact. They carry on customs and traditions established thousands of years ago and remain impervious to outside influence. Upon establishing contact with the Algonquins our band of explorers was taken to the chief, a powerful man with an upright carriage and a serious personality. When asked about the main religion of the Algonquin, the chief replied that the tribe only worships one source, a totem pole (seen above). When pressed about the origins of the pole the chief replied that the pole has been in the tribe since the oldest of the elders could remember and stories that have been passed down allude to that it was brought down by aliens in a spaceship and left as a present for the ancient Algonquins. Worshipping the pole is reportedly beneficial for "stamina" although the narrator was unable to verify this quantitatively.



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