Monday, January 21, 2008

Korea Sparkling (The New Slogan of Korea)

This man above was "protesting" Korea's loss to Switzerland in the World Cup a couple years ago. Check out more Korean protests (or excuses to act crazy).

The envoys of countries nearby to Korea have been advocating the use of English speakers from non-native English speaking countries (and which happen to include citizens of their respective countries) to teach English in Korea. Says the Pakistani Ambassador to the Korean Justice Ministry in a gramatically challenged letter to published in the Korea Times, ``The condition of being a `native speaker' may please be removed so that a level playing field is offered to the competitors from Pakistan,'' he said in the letter. I somehow think my job is safe.



Blogger David Wellbaum said...

Your job isn't safe. You spelled "grammatically" incorrectly. Long live the Pakistanis! They are coming to dominate!

1:42 AM  

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