Sunday, August 10, 2008

The water's fast in Beijing

Not that I really care about America winning Olympic medals, but the men's 4x100 freestyle relay in Beijing sounded awesome. This was supposed to be Michael Phelp's toughest leg in his quest for 8 golds and the French team were the team to beat. No one believed that more than the Frenchies who talked about "smashing" the Americans in this race. The French took an early lead. With America's anchor, Brock Lezak going into the final turn a full body length behind the French anchor, he stormed back and touched in at an insane 46.06- the fastest relay leg ever. I believe the word for this in French is le comeuppance.
UPDATE: I just saw the replay Lezak's last 20 m were amazing. The US team lowered the world record (that they set earlier in the qualifiers) by 4 seconds! That is unfathomable.



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