Monday, February 27, 2006

Their's was a Forbidden Love

If you caught the Sugar Shane Mosley (why every boxer gotta be named Sugar?) fight against Fernando Vargas Saturday you were treated to a real dandy of a bout. Both fighters were highly regarded coming into the match and both put on a good show. There wasn't too much shakin' goin on, just some combinations and dodging toe to toe. In the pre-fight press conference the men almost came to blows over Vargas telling one of Mosley's corner men who was sporting some Love Boat captain's hat he looked like Cap'n Crunch. The two men bet $100,000 on the fight although that's chump change when the payoff's multi-mil's. They all smokin' the glass dick with these fools anyways. Anyway when the jabberin stopped and the jabbin began Vargas got a big knot on his head in the first that swelled shut and caused the fight to be stopped in the ninth or tenth. Let's all be friends. Besides everyone knows Rocky Marciano was the greatest boxer of all time.


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