Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm just burnin', doin' the neutron dance

Sometimes you just feel alright. Beaches, ice cream, pretty ladies. This is supposed to be my "slow motion running on the beach" scene a la Baywatch. However, on a single image camera it is more like "stop motion James Brown meets Ralph Macchio". Hyo Sook protects her ice cream from flying sand.
Been feeling the funk lately. Grabbin up some jams such as Babe Ruth- a mid 70's funk band with some groovalicious chops and a chick that can wail away on vocals. Mars Volta owes them a few beers. Also check out the Incredible Bongo Band- a Superman ice cream flavored bongo flurry that does an Inna-Gada-Davida and has spurred more b-boy breaks than a faulty slab of cardboard.
Starting a new business, NoJive English Consultation. After seeing a slew of English phrase misappropriations in advertising settings here in Korea, I have decided to contact these organizations and offer my services as a speaker with 28 years of decimating the English language down to its most base grunts and woo-hoo-hoo's.
Went to the best subway station stop of my life the other day. A bar with giant bottles of Miller, a bowling alley, and a Karaoke Bar all in the basement of one subway stop. The giant bottles didn't help with the bowling, but certainly improved the more subjective singing. I realized the secret is doing songs with "na-na-na-na" lyrics- Hey Jude, Angel is a Centerfold, and I will be working on the Brady Bunch anthem "Sha-na-na-na-nah". Stay tuned...


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