Thursday, January 19, 2006

All the meth got me open like Fallopian tubes

Your place or mine?

...Shit, why's everything spinning?

Grab my axe. I am provider man.

After a hard day of running the point for #14th ranked MSU Spartans I like to sit back in my ManWon drawls and mow these pastry meat things. The first time I tried one I thought it was jelly in there, but it was meat! Fire AND ice!

Just read the man is trying to subpoena Google's search engine records (read: more invasion of privacy). Google, to their credit, is not complying. Some lady warned to watch what you type in their search engine. So I typed "kill government squirrels old ladies". Some interesting results popped up. Apparently there are reports of an epidemic of crack addicted squirrels and a Mexican dude that dresses up like a woman and kills old ladies- almost all of which had a painting called "Boy in RedWaistcoat" by Jean Baptiste-Grueze. In that same source there were reports of ravenous squirrels that killed a dog in Russia. Maybe, that sweet rock is spreading out to the land of the Red Herring.


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