Sunday, January 01, 2006

...was my reaction after watching the Waking Life. It could have gotten better at the end, maybe tied it all in but I wouldn't know because I fell asleep. I'm all for taking chances and doing things different and undoubtedly Waking Life is better than some 60's comedy show "redone". But some semblance of plot, character development, action, and sense would have done a lot for WL. Attempting to diffuse this lack of story by addressing it within the movie (Mitch Kramer and some broad spewing about the problems with cohesion in movies) doesn't justify it. A bunch of cranks jabbering their theories about whatever does not a movie make. And sorry people, that's the problem with crackpot theories with no support, there's just not that many sweeping generalizations to make in the world. You just need to live and make movies- with people livin'. That's l-i-v-i-n Linklatter. Crank up some Aerosmith and go play fooseball with Wooderson, now that's a good flick- except for that ridiculous midfield monologue at the end.
I did get in some good T.V. yesterday as the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy was on TV New Years Day. Not a bad replacement for the lack of football in the land of soccer. Yes, I know the end went on forever and their were some similar motivational speeches by little hobbits- get a new expression besides bewilderment Frodo you bitch I'm glad you got your finger bitten off. However, one thing I liked about it (besides the battle scenes- Narnia bow down) was seemingly insignificant items would resurface. At first viewing I thought it was just some weak plot contrivances or lack of imagination, but now I appreciate the subtlety that binds an epic together. There doesn't need to be some huge way everthing works out. Who would have thought Gollum would have played such a significant role in determining the fate of Middle Earth when he was just some ol crusty cave punk in The Hobbit? When they say the fate of Middle Earth rests with 2 little hobbits and then they cut from Frodo and Sam to Merry and Pippin that gets you guessing. Could they have done it without the Ents? Don't fuck with the trees! Maybe one will fall on you. I remember once walking down the street and then without warning this huge oak tree came crashing down 10 feet from me where I had been 4 seconds earlier. Now if only one would fall on Waking Life...


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