Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Flash of Red going by you...

"I got a bike. You can ride it if you like. It's got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good. I'd give it to you if I could but I borrowed it...I've got a mouse. I call him Jeremy" -Syd Barrett
That's right folks watch your back when walking on the sidewalks. The B-man is making like Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver and not like Kevin Bacon in JFK when he's a gay southern prisoner. I got me a g-ride. It's fucking cherry red and it kicks ass. It's got shocks and shit. It says "Free Agent" on the frame. That's right place your bids. I'll give you a ride on my handlebars. I can wheeliewalk. Live to ride, ride to live. I didn't know Tim Burton directed Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. What's up with all the color?


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