Friday, January 06, 2006

Enter the entrance

Feel the barrage of steel fists rain down upon you like a calvacade of jackhammers in a dryer. My chi flows like oil. Do you want to touch my chi? It is okay to want to touch my chi. Manlier men than you have succumbed to the hypnotic spell that lulls like a ship on a gently swaying sea. And then POW!! I hit them with the one-inch punch. It is like Bruce said, "The more relaxed the muscles are, the more energy can flow through the body. Using muscular tensions to try to "do" the punch, or attempting to use brute force to knock someone over, will only work to opposite effect." . Oh man, is my energy flowing like __________________...

The guy should know. Bruce Lee could hit some one from two feet away in .05 seconds. The average human reaction time is .3 seconds. Which means the Brucester could wail on you 6 times before you could even pull you nunchucks out of your holster.

Top of my list in my one-inch punch hand outs will be the musicians of this song. Nevermind that it is weak. Nevermind that the part about saying "if America is so great, why can't we say Fucking USA?" as they say it. But, to say that the USA stole a gold medal from Korea (a reference to that USA gymnast who got awarded a gold medal over a Korean in a scoring error- too many factors to say one way or the other) when in the '88 Olympics Roy Jones Jr. whupped that Korean boxer and the Korean judges gave their boy the gold (the Korean dude couldn't even bring his head up to look at Roy Jones afterwards- it came out later 2 judges were bribed) is some one-inch punch grand prize winner material. 'Nuff said...


Blogger David Wellbaum said...

I've heard that song before! It says on the sight that it was made by North Koreans, but I know for a fact that many South Koreans sang it in Gunsan when protesting the military base there a year or two ago. Many South Koreans know this song. Just remember: according to the Mutual Defence agreement (I think around 1953 it was signed), if the South wants the States to pull out, we are obligated to. Why not now? Cause 'dem motherfuckers realize that we keep the wolf on the fucking doorstep with a nuclear umbrella and provide 30,000 troops that are willing to die for a country that isn't even ours. Bitches show respect, or I will treat you like the little girl you are.

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