Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheap thrills

-The Millenieum Force at Cedar Point with a 300 foot plus drop and 80 DEGREE first drop. That's almost straight down kiddies. Cedar Point is truly the roller coaster enthusiast's wet dream. Went to an amusement park out here that ain't too shabby and was a good time, Lotte World (although for some reason you have to sign in at the beginning- stupid). With rides like the Pharoah's Fury and some other ride that dropped you straight down it got a few screams out of me. We got a picture on one ride where our friend on her first roller coaster is white-knuckling the handbar and who's facial expression is one of abject terror. The dude on the back of the coaster has his hands pressed together in full on prayer. A good ride.


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