Monday, March 20, 2006

Father, Son, Holy Ghost- Let's See Who Can Eat the Most

Alright my peeps, settle down. It was a busy weekend, but you know I'll hook you up. Saturday we went to Carne Station, an all you can eat all you can drink cafeteria. We were there for 4 hours. Believe me that I got my money's worth. When they were closing we got the chant, "Hell no, we won't go" going. During this commotion "someone" got ahold of the microphone connected to the house loudspeakers and announced, "Brian is the number 1 eater at Carne Station." So, it is official. I do believe I'm ready to take on the "Tsunami", shown at left. Actually this was from a pretty funny article that talked about "controversy" that surrounded this contest. Apparently during this eating contest the Tsunami ate 50 1/2 hot dogs, breaking his world record. However, people accused him of a "roman method incident" (puking) with the hot dogs. If a man can heave and it still ends up down the gullet that's a W in my book. They also accused him of taking drugs (muscle relaxers) before the contest. Whatever, the guy gains 7 pounds during the 10 minute contest and still kicked the big boy on the right's big butt. The Tsunami joins other famed eaters such as Cool Hand Luke, LardAss, Andre the Giant and this chap: Mike "The Vulture". A venerable gurgitator he is often known to throw an entire leg of meat into his mouth only to show the bone only to then eat the bone.

A mountain was climbed

the next day.

We tried not to fall off.

EXTREME mountain climbing.

Ninja skills are for more than just killing.

Seoul is a big goddamn city.

With a view like this I'd almost join the temple.

After a mountain climb, a mountain of food.

Actually it was a blast. We played badmitton, hula hooped, climbed a mountain, ate a righteous meal, went to an arcade, went bowling, and went to sing karoake all on Sunday. It was like being on a cruise- which I guess life is.


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