Friday, February 09, 2007


I think if you've spent any significant amount of time around me, you've invariably heard me lament the decline of professional wrestling. Gone are the high flying theatrics of Superfly Snuka, the brazen audacity of SuperStar Rick Flair, and the serpentine antics of Jake the Snake. Now there are a bunch of nerds who just open their eyes real wide and shake their bodies and look like a bunch of Jersey guidos. What lack of imagination! However, there is still one venue where they be wrastlin', where the moves are high flying and it's not just a big soap opera. And it's coming from little ladies to the east. Japanese women's wrestling, or proresu (that's really what it's called), is exciting and enjoyable to watch. From the first bell these chicks are getting it on, doing some crazy high-flying moves, and bringing the suplex. Move over Hulk Hogan, here comes the Jade Tornado.


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