Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get along lil' dawggies

A fellow teacher(last name Price) needed help trying to translate this note from a student:
"How are you Professor the Price.. As all student studying abroad Park gun does. Tuesday affection core 12:00 {Room3) professor study listens to. before does not participate to the last week study from former China not to be able, it does not submit homework. I homework certainly at the next hour and in order to submit.
Name : park gun"
Here was the interpretation suggested by another teacher:
Well hello there old chap! The Priceman! The Prof!As you may know old boy, many of my esteemed colleagues do tend to go overseas for a jaunt now andthen and as luck would have, well, so did yours truely, by Jove! As a result I have yet to be entertained by the healthy banter of your studies in room 3 due to the fact that I was in bloody China ofall bleeding places! I have heard since my return that there was some very interesting work being done that I was not privy to and I have written you this correspondence to let you know that I am dead keen on contributing to this worthy enterprise come the next schedueled time of our encounter. The Park. The Gun. The Park Gun Man."The crane flies at midnight" wink^^ wink^^


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