Thursday, September 18, 2008


The last bastion of writer's block- writing about writing v.2.0- blogging about blogging.
1.How many are there? There are some wildly varying estimates- maybe 12 million U.S. blogs at 20% active. In fact, 60-80% are abandoned within one month.
Cyberdiarrhea found this insufficient so research was undertaken to obtain some more information. Using blogspots "Next Blog" search function I looked at 16 blogs (until I got bored). Some stats:
-6 were in English
-Average length of blog- 6 months
-Average posts per month- 13 (although this was heavily skewed by a Russian website with a crazy looking guy with many posts with scanned documents)
-Average posts per month with crazy Russian- 16
-Average posts per month without crazy Russian-8
-Average posts per month 3 months or less blog- 8
-Average posts per month 3 months or older- 8(There was a 10 month old-blog by an Italian lady with seemingly every meal she has made for the last month blogged for a 39/ month average pulling up the old-timers)
-Average posts per month 3 months or older minus Sophia- 4
The secret for longevity in the blogosphere? Slow and steady. Or insane fixation on one subject.



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