Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Atomic Dog

One of these is a painting by Alex Grey. The other is a microscopic image of the fungal spores of penicillin. Both were inspired by advances that took place in 1943- the discovery of acid and penicillin. Both were discovered by German scientists. Both were funded by the U.S. Rockefeller Institute and perfected in Western Europe. Both's source is mold fungus. Both are pretty cool. Source- Colors Magazine Both were overshadowed by another invention that same year...

Both will prove to be more important.


Anonymous TrueBlue said...

And here's me thinking that penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1929 and developed on an industrial scale by Howard Walter Florey(an Australian born in Adelaide) and Ernst Boris Chain(of Russian-German-Jewish descent, born in Berlin) - who did the research at Oxford University before Florey took it to the US (who still hadn't entered the most justified war in history) for production in 1941. The first commercially developed batch rolled off in 1943. Florey refused to patent penicillin because of its benefits to all mankind, causing a falling out with Chain.

As for acid, it was first developed in 1938 by Albert Hoffman, who then tested it (on himself, because he's a deadset champion) in 1943. He was born in Badel, Switzerland.

The first atomic explosion was on July 16 1945 in New Mexico.

Cool pictures.

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Blogger BigB said...

Semantics my good man. Semantics.

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