Thursday, May 18, 2006

Solar trip

Man, I don't understand money. I just paid off all my credit cards. This is the first time I have been debt free in like 10 years. It feels good. I ain't gonna work for Maggie's farm no more. I don't understand this whole not enough money thing. What does it mean it costs money to send rockets to outer space? Why does it cost money to build solar energy cells when solar energy is FREE? I mean I feel like a little kid who is questioning something and I get this adult answer and I don't feel quite satisified with it, like someone's not telling me somthing. We can do it. Why don't we do it? I think money got confused with satisfaction somewhere along the way. Look at baseball players. The old players they used to work second jobs. Tell me Ted Williams isn't as good as Tony Gwynn (the best modern day hitter we will ever see, sans roids obviously). Also overpopulation sucks. There are enough people in the world as it is. Why do you feel the need to pass on your genes? Adopt some kids. They are all the same. They will all snot and poop the same. I think it is some overinflated overcompensation for earlier personal childhood defiencies. Stop breeding. Enjoy life. Go solar. Someone lend me 10 bucks. I just paid a lot on bills.


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