Friday, August 04, 2006

Quadratic equations

... is what I haven't been doing lately. Instead:
-I almost had MLB baseball home-run derby beat on MVP mode. I was one swing away and hit a foul ball. Big league choke.
-Devin the Dude- blunted raps and stunted beats ala early Geto Boys. "You know I'd rather fuck than watch T.V." -and a romantic.
-Work party karaoke with killer drum solo at the end of "Born to Be Wild".
-Having my contact lens roll back into my eyeball.
-Looking up shark attacks. In 1996 only 13 people were attacked by sharks. That same year 2,559 people were injured by room deodorizers and fresheners. Apparantly they are more dangerous than Great Whites.
-Trying to get this story published. Many publishers want hard copies or literary agents. Out of 260 possible publishers I looked up, I only sent out 10.
That and staying away from air fresheners.


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