Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quest for the mud people

I, Dr. Big B and my research assistants, Asst. Hyo and Asst. Hyun, along with lackey and porter Australian Al embarked on a quest this past weekend to seek out the elusive and mysterious Mud People of Boryeong. We arrived early on Sunday and found the habitat of the Mud People, a vast expanse of mud flats whereupon one would sink up to the mid shin. We ran a few exercises for health there and adjourned to the hotel and dinner.

Dinner was a delicious array of assorted shellfish barbecued on a grill in front of us. We met with colleagues and Mud People experts Vin Chon and Anita Beer. Still no Mud People.
After dinner we looked at the beach to see if the Mud People were nocturnal. There were a bunch of fireworks. The combination of smoke, bright lights, and beach made it seem like Apocalypse Now. Asst. Hyun despaired at the seeming futility of the task.
The next day we searched the beach. There were some curiously lifelike statues of people. It was then that we saw the Mud People. They were engaged in some sort of initiation wrestling ritual. Porter Australian Al and I in the name of cultural exchange engaged in the ritual. Despite Dr. Big B seemingly having thrown Al to the ground the referee declared Porter Al the winner.

As I write this we have decided to live here and become one of the Mud People. This could be the last transmission from Dr. Big B...


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