Sunday, June 25, 2006


Australian Al, Tall Jordan, Mad Mike, and BigB went bungee jumping this weekend. We live for the thrill, riding the rush that comes on and takes over. It was gnarly to the max braugh. The place was at a nice park outside of Seoul. The height was 148 feet or 45 meters for those of you that don't parlez vois the Ingles. We wanted to all go by ankles because hey we're intense. After an elevator ride that didn't stop you get up to the top and it looks pretty high. When you get to the edge and they yell 3,2,1 bungee it seems to go against every instinct of self-preservation. But, I grab my balls, throw up my metal, yell rock n' roll and take the plunge. The feeling is one of falling for a long time. Then for some reason, I think it was because of the new rope they got out for the big boys I spun like 30 times- just like a yo-yo you unwind when it gets twisted. It was a little sickening. My eyes were pretty red from the blood rushing to my melon. Australian Al actually dipped into the water about halfway down his torso. We were all stoked and went and slammed some Mountain Dews afterward.

From Wikipedia, about the first bungee divers- the vine divers of the N'gol.
The ritual of the N'gol is an extraordinary event, with real risk to life and limb that bears no more resemblance to bungee jumping than abseiling down a sixty foot (20 m) cliff does to catching a lift down a six story building.
According to local legend it began centuries ago when a beaten woman ran away from her husband, Tamale. He found her hiding in a tall tree and called to her that if she came down he might beat her. However if he had to get her she would be sorry. She refused. He climbed the tree and as he made his final grab, she leaped. In anguish at her death (or anger that he had missed her) Tamale jumped after her, not realising his wife had tied liana vines around her ankles and survived the fall. Tamale perished.
The highest commercial bungee jump, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is off of the Bloukrans River Bridge, 40km east of Plettenberg Bay in South Africa. The jump takes place from a platform below the roadway of the bridge, and the height from the platform to the valley floor is a terrifying 216m (708 feet). One higher commercial jump took place from Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge, in conjunction with the 2005 Go Fast Games. The height of the platform was 321m (1053 feet). However, this opportunity lasted for only three days, and it is unclear if it will be repeated in future games.


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