Monday, May 22, 2006


Make yourself just go,
with nowhere to go,
don’t wait for the noble inspiration of walking to find the end point of the walk
is walking
turned into a heightened awareness of discovering.
Looking for something to look for,
the search brings itself to me and
brings me to my surroundings.
People walking by smug
in their security of proper arrangement and
Satisfied in their smugness
Smug in their satisfaction
The character types strode confidentially off to their distractions
We meet, influence, and depart
Everyone 3 seconds
claiming this
like a continent.
I validate
Defined by them and Defining me by me defining them.
The rain brought the light to shine off everything like one surface
except from dark recessed brooding enclaves
under buildings that leaned over from above.
From which heads turned with each passerby,
Eyes protruding out for something they wanted and sized up how they could have that.
Desire and coveting spilled forth from itchy hands.
Spreading a cool skin over everything
A sky of lighted windows each with their own scene looking out from within
Dirt built up on sidewalks
crept forward from its temporary concession
threatening to retake the city
People walking past and everyone
just not just stopping.


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