Friday, September 29, 2006


...the sweltering heat made me feel like the centerpiece of grandma's Thanksgiving dinner. Hot as a Port-a-potty in July it made sweat pop out in beads from the slightest movements. There was no escape. The humidity's partner in crime the mosquito, danced around and tricked my eyes with its haphazard random zig-zags. Not that smashing one would do anything. There were a hundred more to take its place. They left necks like an allergy test, an irritated minefield stinging like a cut in lemon juice from the sweat and plants that rubbed against it. I wanted to rip my neck off and be done with this whole damn thing, the mosquitoes, the heat, the unknowing presence of death just a shadow that disappears when you look at it. How do you play a game when it comes with no instructions? Make it up as you go along of course. How do you play a game that has no way to win? Just keep playing. A bullet only costs 50 cents and the price of life is cheap around here...


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