Monday, September 25, 2006

Don't call it a comeback

Tigers Clinch a Playoff Spot!

I still rmember the starting lineup of the '84 Tigers that went on to win it all on a game stealing homerun by Gibby off Goose Gossage. You got Larry Herndon, Chet Lemon (who performed the first over the wall catch to rob someone of a homerun), and Kirk Gibson in the outfield. Howard Johnson, Allan Trammell, Sweet Lou Whitaker, and Dave Bergman from left to right in the infield. Darrell Evans DH'n. At the 1, 2 I'm putting Jack Morris and Lance Parrish with Willie Hernandez coming in to close (O.K. I did forget HoJo at 3rd, but that's pretty good for 20 years later). Looking at their stats that year I was surprised to see only Trammell squeaking above .300 (.314) and their best ERA with Petry in the 3's. The secret? Solid defense, especially up the middle and 5 starters with ERA's in the 3's. Go Tige's.


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