Sunday, September 03, 2006

Summer camp

Dear Mom,
Greetings from camp. Thanks for the self-addressed stamped envelopes, or as the post office callse them, S.A.S.E. Also, thanks for writing my initials on the tags of all my clothes. When little Johnny Taylor tried to put on my underwear 'cuz he was too lazy to do his laundry I totally grabbed the tag and then showed him it was BS not JT. They I totally gave him a wedgie. It may have even reached atomic wedgie proportions. It's not like I want them back after his dirty butt has been on them. Anyway, we have been having quiet evenings usually around the fire where one of the counselors will break out the guitar and we all get a little sing-a-long going. I don't think "Dust in the Wind" could ever get old. The food is gross. The cook thinks that calling the Kool-Aid "bug juice" will make it sound rustic, but really he's just a cheap bastard who doesn't put enough sugar in it. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all soon. Oh yeah, could you send some money before mid-break. I think a couple hundred should cover it.
Your happy little camper


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