Sunday, August 27, 2006


212. The numbers roll off the tongue. 200 had for so long stood between me and glory like a guardian at the entrance to the Holy Grail. In the sport of bowling the 200 game had been my goal for a long time. Friday when we rolled the rock at the Hongdae Subway Station it was my destiny. I had called up ol' Gutters and Strikes OneNutt and told him tonight felt like the night. Sure I had said that many times, but I truly believed that tonight was a night. I found the ol' 15 pounder that nestled up around my fingers like your sister. And like your sister I throw her in the gutter and she comes back for more. I hurled the mighty Excalibur and smote the beast. Apparantly Rick Szczepanski from Schenectedy, NY has pitched 88 deuces in a row during an incredible '96-'98 run. Rick's record remained intact Friday night as my scores plummeted quicker than your mom after a gin rickey. It seems bowling originated from the Middle Ages when German peasants used to carry a club, or kegel, with them from protection. When they went to church they would set their kegel up and try to knock it down with a ball. If they succeeded they were considered clear of sin. Well, Friday night the Big Man must have looked down at me and gave me a little slap on the patookis.


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