Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Me and my...

Let me tell you about oneness...
Solitaire, the first monkey in space (previous post), the sound of the jailhouse door's clink, the first day of preschool, that guy who chartered a flight to Alaska to roam around the wilderness only to forget to arrange for one home (apparantly he signaled a passing plane only to discover later that he gave the "everything's o.k. signal), that first shovel of dirt hitting the coffin, bad b.o., Tupac, Milli Vanilli, John Adams- I'm reading "Founding Brothers" right now. John Adams was the unenviable successor to the indominatable G.W. (hold the Bush (yes I do)). He offered to work in harmony with the number 2 vote getter Jefferson, despite being in opposite parties. He was then smeared by a Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton power junkie triad. He alienated many with the passage of the Alien and Sedition acts. He then pissed off his party by sending another peace delegation to France after the XYZ affair. Many thought he had monarchial dispositions by appointing his son John Q. to a diplomatic post. Of the first 6 Presidents only John had a son. (Actually Abigail was pretty tight in John's corner through all this.), Mount Everest, that last eight-ball to hit in, that last eight-ball to snort, unicycles, the last unicorn, unitards, my black sock-stolen by the cursed sock amalgamater- I will unwind you when I find you fiend, the last person you can never find to round out a euchre foursome, one for the road, one last...OMMMMMMM>>>


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