Monday, April 23, 2007


I find creative advertising appealing. Not enough to actually buy any of their products. In fact, I don't rely on advertising to buy any products. Some may say that I don't consciously realize that I'm being duped. However, when I'm at the store I buy what I want. I look at the best product for the price, with usually the latter weighing in more heavily in the decision. There are those that say that negative advertising is good because more people notice the product, irrespective of whether it is flattering to the image or not. Actually, all advertisements can do is piss me off. I can't say I've actually not bought a product because of bad ads, but if there is a pushy product promoter at a store I'm walking away from their display. The best are terrible Super Bowl ads where at the end of the commercial you realize they just wasted a million dollars.



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