Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fallen Angel

Why do we (I?) get such a perverse pleasure in watching loudmouths implode? Maybe because it is these very people who profess to be the moral, legal, cultural authorities are not as right as they think. Maybe there is no "right" except let others live on their own as they see fit. These incidents remind us that people make mistakes. It would be tempting to lash out at them in the same way they did to so many others, however I think they've really already done it to themselves. Aww hell, remember no one's perfect, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"!



Blogger David Wellbaum said...

the real crime is the amount of money he spent on these bitches. ain't he ever heard of thailand, where you can have 5 gorgeous girls in bed with you at the same time for about 1/10th the price he has been paying? talk about fiscal irresponsibility. i hope the next governor has more financial sense.

5:15 AM  
Blogger omniriver said...

John Sebastian, Bob Guccione and NOW this twenty-three year old madam are alumni from my high school. I'm proud to walk in their shadow...

check it out:

10:08 AM  

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