Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Cop/ Bad Cop

Good Cop
I'm hooked on the show The First 48. It is a reality detective show. The cameras follow real homicide detectives as they try to solve homicides, from the first phone call to the confession. Not all of the cases end solved, and we see the investigative work (and sometimes lucky breaks) that are involved in getting the killer. I especially like watching the confessions, as the suspect goes from defiant to breaking down. The police that seem the most effective in getting the confessions seem to have the most congenial approach in dealing with the defendants, trying to ally themselves on their side, and minimizing the defendants intent to help assuage their guilt. If you like cop shows, you'll like the real deal here.
Bad Cop
As was recently reported in the Korean Herald, a Canadian man and his wife were assaulted by a group of Koreans at a karaoke room here in Korea. The man had his jaw broke and teeth knocked out and his wife was almost raped. The police caught one of the suspects, but as the victim said, "It became apparent the police and suspect knew each other," and so no charges were filed. I find this injustice horrible and have tried to do something about it. I am in the process of writing the police department here, newspapers, embassies, and tourist sites letting people know what happened. I hope this pressure will help the police to realize that they need to uphold the law for all. Maybe I should get The First 48 on the case.



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do not give up until you get results. count me in.

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