Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey Batter-batter-batter

Incheon, South Korea
-Stymied A. Thlete- reporting for AP
In a thrilling company softball game held this past Sunday, the Room 211 Office was able to come back from an early deficit to overtake the Room 209 Office team in extra innings. It was an up-and-down game for the ages that saw solid performances from veterans and newcomers alike. Standouts of the game include a player tripping over the first baseman's leg and doing a complete end-over-head flip to land on his back, 3 strikeouts (not by way of fly-out), and a homerun by legendary hitter Big B that cleared the left fielder head and rolled all the way to those little players you can see in the background. The deciding factor seemed to be the Room 211 Office (also known as the Smoking Office) being better able to cope with the concordant alcohol consumption that increased as the game wore on. Back at work on Monday all players were listed on the Disabled List as questionable for teaching classes that day.
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