Friday, April 27, 2007

Boy gets toilet seat stuck on his head

When I was a I child I stuck my finger in one of the cooling grates at the chilled section at the local supermarket. I don't know what possessed me to do it. My recollection of my mindset at the time is a bit muddled. It could be nothing more than, "I wonder if my finger will fit in this almost finger sized hole here. They must want me to stick my finger here or else they would not have made these holes so similar in size to my fingers. This is what my parents have been training me for with the put the blocks, pegs, and triangles in their respective holes toy. I must fulfill my destiny!" Or it could have been less thought out and more like hole+finger=stick. The cooling plus repeated tugging to get my finger out probably helped to swell it up, which did little to help it get unstuck. I think the issue was resolved when the store employees brought over some oil from aisle 2 and gave it a good yank. I can empathize.



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