Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cup holders

My friend designs cars at a major car company (the world's largest) here in Korea. When I found this out I made suggestions for design features I would like to see in a car. Among my gems was to increase the number of cupholders. Apparantly my friend took this advice to heart. He went to his office and came up with a design for a car with a whopping 8 cupholders, including some large enough to hold a Big Gulp. He had a big meeting (actually his first after a recent promotion) with the company execs. He pitched the idea to the bigwigs. The reaction was less than glowing to say the least. Actually one of his bosses asked him if he had lost his mind. My friend was stunned. No one spoke. He said later he actually thought he might lose his job. (I pictured myself as Homer in the episode where he ruins his brother's car business with his car design.) Then one of the North American consultants piped up and vouched that this was a desirable feature in a car. The day was saved. So if you see a car cruising around with 8 cupholders (apparantly an industry first) hoist one of your 8 Big Gulps up for cyberdiarrhea and a visionary friend.


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