Friday, June 29, 2007


Everything was set. The candlelight danced off the velvet sofa where I had unfurled an exotic silken throw blanket from Persia. This would be the initial starting point before slinking down to the bearskin rug (polar bear actually) where the fire would create too much heat to keep clothes on for long. This was matched by the internal heat of passion and from the cordial of brandy kept on the drink cart. Only the finest vintage swirled around in the snifter to release the oaken bouquet that had just traces of nutmeg and cigar. A Turkish clove cigarette could be lit and dragged on but for an instant. One forlorn rose petal lay discarded. I looked down at my partner. So tender yet strong. I poured a little of the Chateau d'Blanc wine into my hand and held it to my eyes while beginning a forbidden tango...



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