Thursday, July 19, 2007

Scurvy Scalliwags

A Sea Chanty
The ships plowed through the waves,
The scurvy must be stave-ed off.
The monkey organ grinder
Look to the west and there you'll find her.
From the crow's nest yonder horizon it's spotted,
The barnacles upon me beard be mottled.
The salt upon parched lips wetted with a flagon of rum,
A vile crew of cutthroats and scum.
Be all the family I got,
For sympathy to them look not.
A man's only value in his ability to hoist,
Batton the hatches, beware the fool's gold they foist.
The sirens sing the songs that beckon,
The rocks also sing a song that wreckin,
A good ship, clear skies, and a full sail of wind,
The good adventure between this land.



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