Monday, July 28, 2008


1984 World Series... (taken from

The game and the series were coming apart in the eighth inning with the Padres trailing, 5-4, runners at second and third, two out and Gibson, who had already homered in the game, coming to the plate.

Williams wagged four fingers from the dugout toward catcher Terry Kennedy, signaling an intentional walk. Gossage balked.

"He doesn't want to do it," Kennedy barked to Williams, who immediately launched out of the dugout to the mound where a heated confrontation ensued.

"Dick, as you know, was a very tough guy," Gossage said. "And no nonsense. So Dick calls timeout, runs out to the mound and asks, 'What the heck is going on out here? You don't want to walk him? You want to go after him? Then go ahead and go after him.'"

"I saw Goose's reaction and I knew he didn't want to walk me," Gibson said. "I looked over at [manager] Sparky [Anderson] and I said, 'He ain't gonna walk me.' I motioned and said 10 bucks that I was gonna take him deep."

Williams had barely settled back in the dugout when two pitches later Gibson launched a three-run homer into the right-field upper deck in the old ballyard. Final score, 8-4.

Said Williams: "It wasn't a hard home run, it just broke three seats."

Gossage is one of only 5 relievers to make the Hall and did it putting up impressive numbers while oftentimes having to face a number of batters, something the 1 and 2 out specialists of today normally don't contend with. Next up for HOF... Alan Trammell.


In the latest issue of the unlinkable Korean Herald, Expat Living Section there is an interesting letter to the editor entitled, "Korea's Pile of Rocks," pointing out that Dokdo belongs to Korea and Korea should stop complaining (about everything).


Friday, July 25, 2008

Curly Shepherd

This is the exact reaction I pictured if Dave Willy and myself had both been wearing our exact same flaming bright red shoes last weekend that we both happened to purchase independently of each other. I got days that end in "y" bro.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taking the Skin Boat to Tuna Town

The euphemism generator can have you sounding like Walter Mathau or Jack Lemmon in Grumpy Old Men in no time.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Yet, another great use of post-it notes

Everyone has heard the story about how the guy who invented post-it notes is a quadrillionairre, but it's all about the art.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mr. ED

More sex means less chance of ED for older men (news headline)
-Isn't this like telling someone the cure for insomnia is to get some sleep?

Public Forum

It is the great uniter, one of the few things everyone has in common along with sleeping, breathing, and eating (and one of the results of one of these three). It is the need to use the can, the throne, the commode, and drop the kids off at the wave pool, pinch a loaf, or lay some cable. And since there is really nothing to do during this process, why not have something to look at and read? Spurned by this need to entertain or be entertained during this basest of processes, bathroom grafitti both invites call and response. A primitive chat board, anonymity allows the writer to open up to let out what's really on their mind. Is it also influenced by the concordant release ritual that brings the writer to said circumstances, thereby encouraging a cathartic creative writing process? Debatable. However, it is appealing that this medium is accessible to all. It only takes a pen and a rumble from below. It is unmotivated by money. It reaches a broad spectrum of audiences. It looks better than a boring blank wall. It can be profound or a 1 word movie review. Sit on it.