Wednesday, November 22, 2006

JudasofSabbath? Bar. How about...

Been preaching to the peeps lately about the wonders of Download the player (not me) and you can watch hundreds of Asian and American channels including all the big ones. I was stoked to be watching SportsCenter the other day. Think 7'5" Yao Ming stuffing 5'9" Nate Robinson is no big whoop. How about this? I didn't even mind seeing some back home commercials.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Chancellor of the Exchequor

As Wadsworth once said, "Is there anything finer in life than a new pair of socks?" Deflowering a virgin pair of the cotton embryos with my stank planks is like putting a pair of clouds on each ped. Especially when they are gifts. After that hopped in the car (take note of the ground lights) with Eastside Rico and Crazy Carl. It reminded me of Clutch's Spacegrass which I requested at the bar Judas or Sabbath Saturday. Don't know how I've missed this one up to now, but they got tons of metal on video. Some dudes in there were way into this band Bathory which is this Norwegian black metal band. There videos were frickin hilarious. There were a bunch of Vikings and Bathory was rockin their little black hearts out on top of a mountain. At the end someone even got smote (Don't get smote sucka!). They got their head all lobbed off in slow motion.

Monday, November 13, 2006

695 meters (whatever that means)

-From the mountain behind my house. All this is mine. The spaceship on the right will one day take all the true believers to galaxy 309 where we will sip cactus juice and read Cracked magazine all day.
-We did it!

-I have been getting mightily pissed at technology lately. Why everything got to be so complicated? My MP3 is only getting tunes out of the right ear piece. This after I sent the earphones in thinking it was their problem. I took it apart to fix it and of course I can't, but then I can't even get the cocksucker closed. I dumped a bunch of glue on it that will keep it sealed tighter than Fort Knox. My bike gets a flat and then they got all these European valve tubes that took me 3 trips til the dude showed me how to get air in it. My camera kept asking me if I want to format it. No fucker, if I wanted to format you I would hit the "Format the little smart ass camera button" fuckface. I've sworn off all technology, and I'm writing this on a rock.
-Good card game the other night. Came down to me an another dude. Back and forth, back and forth. Then I draw a 10, J, K,A. A couple turns and nothing. Homey's been betting hard. Then that last flop comes and Q! The other guy goes all in. I see that and drink for free for the night.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Deathklok rules!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


That's right kiddies. That's live squirming octopus. The shit grabs onto your chopsticks when you grab it and wriggles around in your mouth. Fresh meat.
Tall Jordo takes some soju from a quail egg shell. A good time and meal had by all. Trying to grab one of the fish out of the live tank in front didn't go over too well, though.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Back in the day

It's kind of like anything you gotta put time into over awhile- studying, cleaning, golfing- you get out of it for a minute and then when do you jump back in? Well, bloggin ain't no diff. And so I'm giving you the cyberdiarrhea version of the television reminiscence episode. Different shit different day the past week and a half. -Watched the Tigers get stonewalled by the Cards. No spirit of '68. I was impressed by how patient the St. L. was at the plate and not impressed by not being able to throw a ball to a guy 40 feet away (D-town). Despair not, Dtwat finally brought some arms up through the farm system so they ought to be around awhile. Not to take anything away from Trammell, who will always be the 3 in the greatest 3-4-5 d.p. combo along with Whitaker, but who would have thought a new manager would make such a difference to a team? Leyland, manager of the year.
-Bumpin Gilles Peterson over at He plays a crazy mix of rap, funk, soul, jazz, trippy shit. New show every week.
-Watching "Thank you for not smoking". A funny movie about a sleazy unapologetic tobacco industry advocate. Good moral lesson about not listening to others, playing your role, and tobacco isn't that dangerous. Rob Lowe in his natural element as L.A. movie bigwig into "Japanese shit".
-Kickin it with Michigan Statue U. homies. In this case a 60 year old Korean dude we met at Miller Time Bar. We sang the fight song together and he kept making these hissing throat clearing noises to enunciate points. Drinking pitcher size bottles of Miller probably contributed to the
-breaking of my camera in a fumbled handoff at the Karoake Bar. Fuck. It's at the shop and we'll get some live action butt shots back up here wit da quickness.
-while getting the camera fixed getting a 100 gig external hard drive. Just to put it in perspective. Our first family computer the Tandy 1000, sported an at the time impressive 512kb processor and those put the floppy in floppy disk 5 1/4 disk drives. After being reminded to back my shit up on 's blog it had to be done. I still got to figure out how to do it, however.
-teaching "These Are My Marbles", "Those Are My Balls" from the text books to my students. I wish I had my camera.
-trying to pad my record of getting thrown in the can on Halloween's. If the cop who was fixin to bust up this DJ party I was at knew what I was drunkinly saying that might have helped. Highlights (lowlights) include, "What, it ain't karoake?" and "Go write some parking tickets". punctuated with a few F-bombs.
In parting, don't check out this website,, unless you want to laugh at some douchebags.